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When will it be over?

When I was in high school, I used to wonder...

"When will it be over?" "When will I know all the vocabulary in English and stop using the dictionary?" I was frustrated as English was the only subject I was good at

but "Why are there always some new words popping up whenever I read books or watch movies?"

"I've been studying this language all my life, haven't I?"

Then after teaching for five years

I have read hundreds of books and finally I have discovered a way to make all the words stick

Then I spent four years making and creating as many tricks as I can for my students

So that they don't have to go through the same process of looking up words in the dictionary ten times per word like I did

I still have fun learning English and new languages every single day

but these days my frustration was gone

Because I know I have reached a stage where I can understand 98% of all the words and phrases.

I have fun doing that every single day by reading, watching, and reaping what I sowed.

Learning becomes fun since there are few things you don't know and it took very little effort to just look up those few words in dictionary app with so many examples.

Recommendation for English learners

1. Look up words in pictures. Google clipart

2. Try to use Eng-Eng dictionary if you can.

3. Don't just memorize definition. Remembering how to use them is much more important and that means you need to know the common words used with them. Eg. POSE threat, Satisfied WITH, WAGE war

4. Have one favourite English channel. Doesn't have to be mine, but listen or watch that "On a Daily Basis" (I have my "Darren Daily" but it's for entrepreneurs so find yours!)

5. My boyfriend's motto "read three pages of book every day" but I must admit I still struggle with that with my backlog of work piling. But yeah, no excuses right?

6. Enjoy sowing and one day you will reap all the benefits. Trust me it's worth it.

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