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วันนี้ขอเสนอเรื่อง Burnout

Burnout คือ การทำงานหนักจนหมดไฟ หมดเรี่ยวแรง

How To Avoid Burnout: 3 Secrets From Research

Ever wake up exhausted and just dread going to work? Do you feel like that most days? Every day?

And we’ve all seen others who have suffered the death spiral of burnout and become shambling zombies at the office. They’re not “The Walking Dead”, they’re “The Working Dead.”

Well, maybe you’re just tired. But tired isn’t burnout. Tired is tired. Get more sleep and you’re not tired anymore. So what does real burnout feel like?

From The Truth About Burnout: How Organizations Cause Personal Stress and What to Do About It:

…three things happen: you become chronically exhausted; you become cynical and detached from your work; and you feel increasingly ineffective on the job.

Ah, must be time for a vacation. Vacations fix burnout, right?

Wrong. Research shows that’s like taking painkillers to treat a brain tumor. You feel better for a while but then the problem comes roaring back:

…work engagement significantly increased and teachers’ burnout significantly decreased after vacation. However, these beneficial effects faded out within one month… job demands after vacation sped up the fade-out of beneficial effects.

So what gives? What is burnout really? Where does it come from? And what do we have to do to avoid it? Time for